European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)

Business Idea Competition in Raw Materials 2018

Objeto del programa

EIT RawMaterials aims at supporting new solutions in the fields of exploration, mining, and processing of raw materials as well as their manufacturing into products, recycling, and integration into a Circular Economy (including design and manufacturing of tools and equipment, smart products and services, end-of-life product management).

Metals and minerals are the main target of the EIT RawMaterials innovation community. Bio-based materials (energy, agricultural, polymers) are excluded, if not considered for the potential substitution of critical, toxic mineral or metallic materials or for optimised performance.

The Business Idea Competition of EIT RawMaterials is divided in two thematic categories:

  • Primary production of raw materials including:
    • Exploration and raw materials resource assessment
    • Mining in challenging environments
    • Increased resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes
  • Secondary production of raw materials including:
    • Recycling and material chain optimisation for End-of-Life products
    • Substitution of critical and toxic materials in products and for optimised performance
    • Design of products and services for the circular economy

Beneficiarios de la ayuda

The competition is open to all individuals and teams of physical persons as well early stage startups permanent settled in the European Union or countries associated to the H2020 program. In addition, any individual or team coming from outside the EU can participate with the condition that they can prove that they will further develop their idea in Europe.

  • Physical persons: Researchers, PhD, students or research groups from universities and research organisations; professionals, entrepreneurs or idea owners that have an idea/solution that is targeting the EIT RawMaterials market and want to start a company.
  • Early stage start-ups, which still need to finalize the Business Model and that still immature in the product/service development stage.

Plazo de solicitud

Deadline for submitting business ideas: 31 March 2018.

Más información

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