CELLS (ALBA Synchrotron)

EU CALIPSOplus project: Rapid access for SMEs and covid-19 projects

Objeto del programa

CALIPSOplus brings together 19 partners with the aim to remove barriers that prevent access to world-class accelerator based light sources. The intense beams generated by light sources are outstanding tools for characterizing a large type of materials that provides unique information very useful for industry.

CALIPSOplus, with TamaTA workpackage lead by the ALBA Industrial Liaison Office, will support SMEs working with COVID-19 projects for a rapid, easy and confidential access to light sources. TamaTA, an on-going tool for SMEs, has been adapted to fight the Sars-Cov-2 virus and contribute to the worldwide actions against this pandemic.

Beneficiarios de la ayuda

SMEs companies working with covid-19 projects are encouraged to apply access to light sources in an easy, rapid and confidential way. Companies interested can send the proposals using the following link: http://wayforlight.eu/en/industries/sme-access-proposal/

Plazo de solicitud

The current call is open till 29h July 2020.

Más información

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