IESE - Barcelona Technology Transfer Group

BTTG call for Proposals

Objeto del programa

Barcelona Technology Transfer Group (BTTG) opens a new Call for Proposals. BTTG strives to select companies that are driving positive social, environment and healthcare change in order to solve some of the world´s most pressing Sustainability Challenges.

Beneficiarios de la ayuda

This program has been designed to attract staff from R&D centers and technological companies working in the FET space who have already generated Intellectual Property (IP) out of their research activities. The proposed ideas should be TRL5-8, and have at a minimum been developed and tested enough to start moving into a phase of commercial product development.


The program is a 3 month collaboration between the product inventors and their bespoke IESE MBA team. The program strives to help accelerate advanced technology into the market, give MBAs experience working in a startup environment, and foster relationships between IESE, MBA students, R&D centres and the local startup ecosystem.…

Plazo de solicitud

December 6th! 

Más información

The Barcelona Technology Transfer Group: BTTG is an initiative launched in 2016 by IESE MBA students, creating a platform that connects inventors from research & development labs and educational institutions with the business acumen and talent they need in order to bring their product successfully to market.

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